About Us

Welcome to Dial Tone USA, Inc.,


Dial Tone USA Inc., is a North America based, established VoIP service provider with FCC 214 license. Our operations focus on direct termination over VoIP, TDM, T-1 and T-2 carriers for international wholesale telecommunications market. In addition to it, we are a leading force in securing clients investment from developing markets and destinations considered risky. Over time we have managed direct interconnections,  in country partnership and Own network footprint in certain countries within Asia and Africa.


Dial Tone USA Inc serves over 100 telecommunications carriers, ranging from major T-1, T-2, GSM carriers to calling card providers and community based VoIP service providers. Our support team consists of 24/7 NOC,  billing staff.


Our team tirelessly focuses on communications, execution and meeting commitments as we grow stronger globally. We welcome you as one of our family member not just as a business partner like others. It is a great pleasure for us to deal with you in this business.