International DID Numbers

You can make Internet telephone calls from your PC using the FREE soft phone which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone. All you need is a PC, loudspeakers and a microphone – or a headset – and a connection to the Internet.

When you register with us, we give you a free ‘soft phone’ which you can download and use to make calls and unlimited internet calls from your PC or Laptop to anyone else with a compatible phone.

You can also use it to call people with an ordinary telephone or a mobile phone anywhere in the world for as low as $0.02

How Much Does It Cost?

The software is free and it’s also free to call other customers or customers on our partner networks. If you call an ordinary telephone or mobile, you will be charged at our rates.

How Do I Use It?

Click on the download below and fill in your details. (Please provide accurate information otherwise your registration may not work.) Once you have filled it in and agreed our terms and conditions,
After a minute or so you’ll receive an email to the account that you gave us, with your account details and password. Keep a note of these – or print them out – as you will need them during the installation of your soft phone.
If you have any problems during this process email us. – We really want this to work for you.

Once the phone is successfully installed it’s ready to use. To confirm that all is working correctly, just dial any number if you have credit in your account
Now you can start using the soft phone to call anybody anywhere.

How can I have this service?
Just download the free software from that link…