White-Label VoIP Service

White-label VoIP Service:


White labeling your own prepaid calling card is a great way of lowering risks for first time calling card owner and investors. You limit your costs, as you don’t need to invest in hardware and IVR and Billing Systems. Moreover the time to launch your card is drastically minimized. As a result you can start out with investing your own desired amount of money for cards and order more as you succeed sales.


Dial Tone USA Inc. has its own in-house developed Multilingual IVR and Billing system. In addition to it we carry a large collection of toll free and access numbers for almost every country as well as numerous interconnections with telecom providers globally to guarantee excellent rates and quality. Dial Tone USA Inc.’s experienced technical team can meet all customized demands for your own branded calling card.


Dial Tone USA Inc. has all the necessary assets to provide you with a wholly white labeled prepaid calling card solution. All you do is select a brand name and leave the rest to us. Before NO-TIME you are officially an independent calling card owner!