Wholesale VoIP services

Wholesale VoIP Service:


Dial Tone USA Inc. provides wholesale termination over VoIP, TDM, IPLC, T-1 and T-2 carriers. We have a solid network of interconnections with telecom carriers globally as well as host country interconnections with local service providers and local telecom carriers. We also have our own network footprint in certain host countries.


As the world is getting more local, we at Dial Tone USA Inc., realize the importance of low cost International calls to maintain the necessary, communication required. Thus our team strives daily to get the best VoIP service at the best price to keep your communications need within budget. Quality is the utmost priority here in Dial Tone USA Inc., as a result we always maintain the highest quality service for anything less is not just a bad conversation but also very expensive.


Our dedicated support team works tirelessly to solve any needs that may arise so that your business flourishes flawlessly. We welcome you to connect with us and give us the privilege of having a long-lasting business with you.